Steiner: F1 pit stops need element of risk

From ESPN - April 12, 2018

SHANGHAI, China -- Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has warned Formula One against making changes to pit stop procedures after a Ferrari mechanic was injured during a tyre change at last weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix.

Francesco Cigarini suffered a broken leg in two places after he was run over during a botched pit stop on Kimi Raikkonen's car. The car was released before the left rear tyre had been changed and Cigarini, whose job was to put the new tyre on, was unaware that Raikkonen had been given the green light to leave his pit box.

The FIA and Ferrari have investigated the incident while some in the paddock have called for changes to pit stops, such as reducing the amount of mechanics involved in changing four tyres. Haas suffered a double retirement in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix after tyres were not fitted correctly during two separate pit stops, but team boss Steiner does not think the mistakes are enough to bring about change.

"For our pit stop -- OK for us it did not make it interesting -- but it gives the race another element of risk and an element of interest," he said. "If you make everything 100 percent safe, why the hell do we watch F1 racing?

"We need to have this, where a human being can make a mistake. It happened to us and I am not happy about it but in general we need some risk taking. If you make everything automatic and put robots there and we do it, they will be no problem, but who is going to watch us?

"When it gets dangerous like the Ferrari one it needs to be investigated but I do not think one has to do with the other one."


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