'Passion of the Christ' actor in Royals photo

From ESPN - March 14, 2018

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Actor Jim Caviezel has played Jesus and golfer Bobby Jones on the big screen. On Wednesday, he portrayed Kansas City Royals bench coach Dale Sveum.

Sveum had a medical appointment for a stiff neck and missed the photo shoot, so Caviezel stood in for him.

"That way we can Photoshop the head with Dale in there," Royals manager Ned Yost said.

Emily Penning, executive assistant to the general manager, was the "director" of the staff shot.

"And Emily was going, 'Jesus, you need to move back a little bit. Jesus, we are glad you are here,'" Yost said. "[Caviezel replied], 'Yeah, you are really going to need me this year.'"

Caviezel, who starred in the TV series "Person of Interest" and is best known for playing Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ," said it was "funny" to be in the Royals' photo.

"I think it's more humbling for me to pop into a picture and impersonate some guy," Caviezel said. "I enjoyed it, just getting into a team photo. How many times would you ever be on a MLB field?"

Caviezel is in camp at the invitation of friend Mike Sweeney, a former Royals player who is in the team's front office. The club had a private prescreening of Caviezel's latest movie, "Paul, Apostle of Christ," which opens nationwide next week.


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