Fantasy baseball 'do not draft' list

From ESPN - March 13, 2018

Los Angeles Angels pitcher/hitter Shohei Ohtani is clearly quite adept at both throwing and hitting a baseball, though truly to what degree among the highest competition remains somewhat a mystery. Because he is so new to the major leagues, he has created unique and unfortunately unreasonable expectations. The result in the fantasy baseball world is this: As exciting and intriguing as this new situation is, Ohtani is more likely to disappoint than earn the excessive value expected of him in ESPN average live drafts. Hey, this works for me, as I will be able to watch Ohtani perform sans the added pressure of being desperate for groundbreaking statistics on a fantasy roster.

Context is always critical when calling any player worth more or less than perceived value and that is important in an annual article like this with such an oft-misunderstood and grand proclamation of avoidance. This is about numbers and value. ESPN Fantasy projects Ohtani to win 10 games and strike out 148 hitters over his 140 innings, with a modest 3.41 ERA and 1.31 WHIP. At the plate, Ohtani projects for eight home runs and a .236 batting average. Not quite the numbers so many expect but ultimately there is a value to them. The problem is I perceive those projections to be realistic and they would not result in warranting close to an eighth-round choice this season, and that is the current ADP.


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