Winner's Weekend: Kevin Harvick – ISM Raceway

From FOX Sports - March 12, 2018

VOICEOVER: From the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona. So how about Kevin Harvick? After winning in Vegas, Nascar's midweek tear down found fault with the rear window support and rocker panel. Lost of playoff points.

KEVIN HARVICK: The team was pissed all weekend. It felt like a playoff race, to tell you the truth. There was so much controversy and so much talk during the week.

RODNEY CHILDERS: All the road guys stepped up. You could tell that everybody really wanted it this weekend.

- This is a statement, not only to the naysayers, but to competitors.

It might just be a Kevin Harvick kind of day.

- As you look at the race in general, I think you just have to put yourself in a position to have a shot at the end. Car was a little bit off at the beginning. I had to keep tightening up the whole day. I am not the crew chief, I just do what I am told and came down to put four tires on.

- You ready? Go hard. Go hard. Go hard. All the way now.

- It's hard to look away from this battle for the lead. Hamlin. Harvick. Kyle Busch and Chase Elliot.


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