Tottenham too 'nice' in Champions League loss to Juventus - Pochettino

Tottenham too 'nice' in Champions League loss to Juventus - Pochettino
From ESPN - March 9, 2018

LONDON -- Mauricio Pochettino has said Tottenham were too "nice" to influence the referee as he thinks their opponents Juventus did in this week's Champions League defeat to the Serie A club.

The Spurs manager has described Juve as specialists in winning and said they have mastered the "small details" needed for success at the highest level, including putting pressure on the referee.

As an example, he had cited the presence of Juve president Andrea Agnelli and general manager Giuseppe Marotta in the tunnel during Spurs' 2-1 defeat at Wembley on Wednesday.

But Pochettino felt Spurs, by contrast, were unable to influence referee Szymon Marciniak, who ignored penalty appeals for both sides in the first half and did not punish Andrea Barzagli for a stamp on Son Heung-Min.

Asked if he had any complaints about Barzagli's conduct, Pochettino said: "Of course. Look, many things happened. And we complained.

"We put pressure on the referee. But it was easy for the referee to manage us because we were very nice people, trying to help to play a game.

"In this situation, with experience you have more possibilities to achieve all that you want. Of course, that is another game. It's not only the game of playing football.

"Maybe we need to learn, the coaching staff, like our players, how we put pressure on the referee. In this type of game, every minimal detail can help you win the game.

"Look at the second half: many fouls that was not fouls, many times they started the game with the ball moving, players inside the box on goal kicks -- you need to take it again!

"In the Premier League this does not happen [from goal kicks]. That situation is about experience. How you increase the tempo of the game, things like that."


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