How eight female stars would change their sport

From BBC - March 7, 2018

When it comes to equality in sport, the struggle continues for sportswomen the world over.

According to recent studies, they are often paid less and receive less media exposure - but those wider issues aside, how can individual sports be made more equal?

As part of International Women's Day campaign #pressforprogress, we asked eight top sportswomen what changes they wanted to see in their respective fields.

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Serena Williams - tennis

I think women deserve a little more equal play time on the centre courts outside of the marquee players. I think women work really hard and deserve that respect.

Outside of some marquee players - which is just a handful - it's almost, 'the women's matches are at this time and the men's matches are at the more marquee times'.

I think Wimbledon are getting better with that, and I definitely applaud them - but there's obviously lots of progress all the tournaments could still be making.

Tracey Neville - netball

In netball, there are so many fantastic ways for women and girls to get involved in the sport at the grassroots level, but when it comes to our elite sides, we need to continue pushing to make our women become professional athletes.

There is lots being said around equal pay in other sports. Unlike most, we do not have a men's game to compare to but we do know that our athletes need a fair professional wage which would allow them to concentrate on becoming the best netballers in the world.

A major part of this comes down to media coverage. Netball - and women's sport in general - needs a more prominent role in the sports press and broadcasting.

This would encourage sponsors and investors to put more investment into our game and therefore allow our elite athletes to become professional.

Charley Hull - golf

I'd like to change the types of tees women and men play from.

The red tees are known as the ladies' tees and the men play off the yellow or white tees.

I still think there should be the same difference in tee positions, but instead of grouping them by whether you are male or female you should play off whichever tee suits your ability.

I used to play off the white tees with the boys when I was younger and it made me a better player.

Alex Morgan - football

We need more acceptance of women's football on a global scale - both being seen as equals by men and having men, women, girls and boys promote women's football and accept us in the sport.

I feel like I have an amazing opportunity since I was a young girl to play this sport and do it in an all-girls team - but that's not always the case around the world.

I have seen so much progress only over the past 10 years since I have been with this team. I continue to see it making strides and national teams striving for equal payment and treatment.

Tammy Beaumont - cricket

Lizzy Yarnold - skeleton

Bryony Frost - horse racing

Emma Pooley - cycling


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