Second place not important for Liverpool now - Jurgen Klopp

Second place not important for Liverpool now - Jurgen Klopp
From ESPN - February 24, 2018

LIVERPOOL -- Jurgen Klopp said Liverpool moving into second place in the Premier League was a "nice moment," but stressed that the three points gained from a 4-1 victory over West Ham United on Saturday were more important than league standings.

Liverpool leapfrogged Manchester United, who play Chelsea on Sunday, as Klopp's side took this season's goal tally to 103 during a routine victory at Anfield.

Mohamed Salah scored his 31st goal of the season, while Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane all netted after Emre Can's opener brought up the team's century.

"It's a nice moment, but nothing more," Klopp told a news conference. "I would say we are not second -- it looks like this in the moment, but if Man United win tomorrow then we were second for a few hours and I am not sure that is too important to be honest.

"To get the points is very important today. We all put pressure on each other with the results we get -- you have no time to rest and if you waste one point it's like 'wow.' All the others are flying, so you have to fly as well.

"It is really intense for all teams involved, for all the players involved. I do not think they care too much -- both teams play tomorrow against each other and I do not think United and Chelsea think too much about us, but they knew before the matchday that we are around.

"We play Chelsea later in the season, we play United in two weeks. It's very decisive and we do not have points to waste -- it's not that we have any opportunity to.

"I would have taken a 1-0 win today -- ugly, dirty, West Ham four times [off the] post and Loris Karius 20 saves or whatever -- I would have taken it because we need the points.


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