McLaren: Honda lacks Renault's F1 experience

From ESPN - February 15, 2018

McLaren says adapting its 2018 car to the demands created by the late switch to Renault from Honda was made easier by the French manufacturer's level of Formula One experience.

Having grown tired with Honda's repeated failures, McLaren confirmed its switch to Renault ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix last September. That left the team several weeks behind schedule in the build of its 2018 car, which it had to adapt in order to package an entirely different power unit.

Despite the increased workload immediately after the switch, technical director Tim Goss insists the compromises made were minimal.

"It is fair to say we had to take what we were given," Goss said. "There were some minor changes here and there but Renault at Viry [-Chatillon, home of Renault's factory] had made their major choices with their existing teams so there was not time or opportunity to change things but there is very little in terms of overall concept that we had to compromise on. We had to change a lot but there is not much we had to give up on."

Honda returned to the F1 grid in 2015, the first time it had been in the sport in any capacity since withdrawing its factory team at the end of the 2008 season. While Renault's own factory team only made a comeback in 2016, the French manufacturer has been on the grid in some guise for decades -- for example, it powered Red Bull during its dominance of the early 2010s.


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