Salary cap situation won't prohibit Giants from making significant moves

From ESPN - February 15, 2018

It is that time of the year when everyone starts keeping tabs on salary cap space. They look at the numbers and pretend to understand how much money each team has available to sign free agents and conduct business. The reality is that it is significantly more complicated than most people (including myself) are able to completely comprehend.

Here is what we do know: The New York Giants are expected to have somewhere in the range of $25-30 million available under the salary cap this offseason, depending on the cuts they make in the coming weeks. It may sound like a relatively small number -- the Jets are expected to have about $80 million -- but it's not anything overly prohibitive to a team in need of rebuilding certain position groups, beginning with the offensive line.

As one executive involved in handling a teams finances once told me: We can always make things work.

The Giants likely fall into that category this offseason. They dont have an exorbitant amount to spend given their current situation -- salary cap site Over the Cap suggests they will have $25 million in cap space -- but it is enough to make some significant moves.

Among the reasons is the Giants long-term outlook. Over the Cap estimates they currently have in the neighborhood of $70 million available in 2019. This probably doesnt even account for the likelihood that Eli Manning ($23.2 million vs. the cap in 2019) will be off the books next year and the Giants can move on rather easily from several others of the biggest contracts on their books from the offseason spending spree of 2016. They are in good shape moving forward.

Defensive end Olivier Vernon, cornerback Janoris Jenkins, defensive tackle Damon Harrison and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul all have contracts that the team can get out of rather easily next offseason, if it so desires. No wonder the Giants arent overly concerned about their financial situation this offseason or moving forward.

Were healthy, assistant general manager Kevin Abrams said late last year. Abrams job responsibilities include handling the Giants salary cap and negotiating contracts.

He added: We wont have any restrictions on what we can do based upon the salary cap. Well have tough decisions like we have every offseason, but we dont have to make any decisions because of the salary cap.


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