Combine workouts are no joke, especially for a 39-year-old Giants reporter

From ESPN - February 13, 2018

MANALAPAN, N.J. -- With the 2017 NFL season officially over, our attention shifted last week to other things, including the draft. Except with the New York Giants' season a train wreck and long over, I did that weeks ago.

I am not alone. NFL combine prep has been going on for weeks, months even. College players are scattered at facilities across the country, training for the draft. This year, I decided to join them.

It is more than football. With the process comes the calisthenics and track-and-field portion of the proceedings. Yes, they train and run drills they likely will never have to do again after this is over.

The people at Parabolic Performance & Rehabilitation were nice enough to let me join their group of NFL prospects in New Jersey. Whenever possible for several months -- remember, I still have a job as the Giants reporter that involves, you know, work -- they are allowing me to train alongside players from schools that range from Pittsburgh and Syracuse to Monmouth and Youngstown State to Wyoming, Wagner and Southern Connecticut on a regular basis. Performance coaches Justin Moore and Kris Enslen have welcomed me into the group with open arms, even if my body has sometimes rejected the invitation.


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