Kerr on being fastest in American sports to 250 wins: "I inherited a hell of a team"

From ESPN - February 10, 2018

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Steve Kerr became the fastest coach to win 250 games after his team defeated the San Antonio Spurs 122-105 on Saturday night.

The Golden State Warriors head coach reached the 250 career mark in just 302 games, 44 faster than Phil Jackson's previous record. It's also the fewest games to 250 wins for any coach in the four major American professional sports leagues.

In his postgame address, he downplayed his role in the feat.

"It just means that I inherited a hell of a team," Kerr said. "An amazing, talented group of players."

Draymond Green was asked what Kerr's accomplishment means.

"It means he's got some good players," he replied in jest. "Nah, I am just playing. That's incredible. Obviously, Steve never had any coaching experience, and to accomplish something like that says a lot. I think with the continuity that he brought to the organization, not only on the basketball court but just in the culture, has made a difference, and that's why we have been able to have the success that we have had."


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