Chaos continues in USSF election as 'Gang of Six' set to join forces

Chaos continues in USSF election as 'Gang of Six' set to join forces
From ESPN - February 9, 2018

ORLANDO -- The chaos surrounding the election for the next USSF president achieved a new level on Thursday evening, as six "change" candidates sought to combat the growing likelihood that an establishment candidate would prevail in Saturday's vote.

Throughout the day, sources contacted by ESPN FC spoke of how current USSF vice-president Carlos Cordeiro and on-leave Soccer United Marketing president Kathy Carter were on the verge of turning the contest into a two-candidate race.

An report, later confirmed by ESPN FC, indicated that the three votes belonging to the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) had gone to Carter. Combined with previous support from the MLS contingent in the USSF's Professional Council, that gave Carter a built-in base of support that constituted 19.3 percent of the total vote.

There was also a sense that Cordeiro, who has been involved with the USSF since 2007, was being viewed by some delegates as a "change" candidate.

In the face of such obstacles, the six remaining candidates -- Paul Caligiuri, Steve Gans, Kyle Martino, Hope Solo, Mike Winograd, and Eric Wynalda -- met in Martino's suite to plot a strategy that involved joining forces. Part of the motivation was that Saturday's vote allows just 10 minutes between rounds if a candidate does not achieve a majority of the vote. That is scant time to throw support to another candidate, so the idea was to come with a plan in advance of Saturday's vote.

A draft statement was crafted in which the "Gang of Six" opted to join forces against Cordeiro and Carter in a bid to make sure that a true reform-minded candidate would prevail.

Here's a copy of the statement the six "change" candidates drafted. I am told it fell apart as one candidate - Wynalda - dropped out. #USSF

Jeff Carlisle (@JeffreyCarlisle) February 9, 2018


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