McLaren: F1 needs clear vision for 2021 this year

From ESPN - February 8, 2018

McLaren boss Zak Brown says Formula One must act decisively if it wants to minimise the political turbulence he expects to be created by the ongoing discussions about the post-2021 regulations.

Liberty Media enters its sophomore season in charge of F1 facing questions about what the sport will look like in 2021. Though it has been making smaller changes -- such as a tweak to session times and a significant re-brand of the product -- the bigger issues are likely to dominate headlines in 2018 as the negotiations intensify.

Ferrari threatened to quit the championship when it saw Liberty's first engine blueprint last season and Brown believes F1 cannot afford to allow that sort of political stand-off to continue for too long this year.

"It's definitely going to be turbulent, the negotiations for 2021 and beyond," he said. "I think they are doing all the right things commercially -- they are gonna make some mistakes along the way but it would be unfair to think they will to score a 10/10 on everything. They are going to learn but I am happy with all the efforts and incremental things they are trying.

"I think the FIA and Liberty need to move quickly so we can have as little or as short a time of negotiations, because they will be turbulent, so the longer that goes the more disruptive it becomes. Also to be fully prepared for 2021, if new manufacturers and teams are going to come in we know it takes a couple of years, so time is ticking. I want us landing on what 2021 looks like by the middle of this season. I think anything longer than that starts to become technically challenging."


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