Nick Wright on why LeBron's outing in Cavs' win over T-Wolves should motivate Dan Gilbert to win now

From FOX Sports - February 8, 2018

- Right now, or going into last night, we are insistent. We are not trading the Brooklyn pick. Then, yes, last night was a good reminder as to how ridiculous of a strategy that is. Because last night was a reminder, oh yeah, right now this moment, we have the guy who's head and shoulders the best basketball player in the world. Guy who hit a game-tying 3 at the tail end of regulation, hit a game-tying layup at the tail end of overtime, followed that up with a game-saving block, and then a game-winning jump shot. That's what LeBron did yesterday.

And right now, that Brooklyn pick-- that coveted Brooklyn pick-- that you ca not-- just you ca not even consider getting rid of in order to help your team potentially win a title this year, that Brooklyn pick has an 85% chance as we sit here today to be 7, 8, or 9 in the draft, a 15% chance to be in the top three. If they finish with the seventh-best record-- seventh-worst record in basketball, which is where they are at now, that's what it will be.

So a little history lesson for Dan Gilbert, who I know has been a GM for all of 15 minutes now, so maybe he's not familiar with it, here are the types of players you can draft at 7, 8, 9. Ben McLemore, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Trey Burke. Is that your-- is that your escape route when LeBron leaves? How about the next year? How about Julius Randle, Nik Stauskas, or Noah Vonleh? Which one of those guys are you holding on to--


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