All the questions left for the Colts in the Josh McDaniels fallout

All the questions left for the Colts in the Josh McDaniels fallout
From ESPN - February 7, 2018

Nine hours after the Indianapolis Colts announced Josh McDaniels as their next head coach, they confirmed McDaniels had decided to not accept the job, and instead return to the New England Patriots as the offensive coordinator.

Shocked, surprised and "at a loss" were how some inside the Colts organization described their reactions to the news.

How the Colts went from thinking they had their next coach to having to start the interview process over is unknown. They said they plan to resume the search "immediately," but McDaniels' decision sparks plenty of questions in Indianapolis.

Here's a look at the Colts' options are in the McDaniels' fallout and where their search goes from here:

The Colts released a statement saying they were "surprised and disappointed." Do they have any legal recourse?

It's highly unlikely. By all accounts, McDaniels never signed a binding contract. That's why the Colts used the phrase "agreed to terms" in their initial announcement -- a description of what happened, but largely irrelevant from a legal sense. You ca not violate a contract you did not sign.

Does McDaniels' decision to back out violate any league rule?

It does not appear that McDaniels broke any rule here. The NFL does not recognize moves -- roster adjustments, trades, hirings or firings -- until they are official and approved. From a league perspective, McDaniels never stopped being the Patriots' offensive coordinator. The Colts do not appear to have a platform from which to file a grievance.

So that's it? No consequences?

At least some teams, owners and assistant coaches will wonder if they can trust McDaniels' word. We do not know everything about what happened behind the scenes, but clearly the Colts felt comfortable enough with his commitment to make the announcement. And at least some members of his presumptive coaching staff signed deals to join him.


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