What Carson Wentz is doing to help the Eagles during their playoff run

From ESPN - January 19, 2018

PHILADELPHIA -- Just because Carson Wentz wont be on the field Sunday in the NFC Championship Game doesnt mean he is not supporting the team. He has just taken on a new role as the Philadelphia Eagles have embarked on a playoff run that has them one win away from the Super Bowl.

Wentz, who tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on Dec. 10, is still at the Eagles' facility every day by 6 a.m. watching film with his fellow quarterbacks until 8:30 a.m. Wentz also sits in on some of the team meetings that follow. It's not until they reach the install phase for that weeks game that Wentz dips out to get into his rehabilitation.

There has been progress on that end. The MVP candidate has already gone from two crutches, to one crutch, to a cane. He has limped into practice this week (after the media left) to watch his teammates prepare for the Minnesota Vikings.

Hes hoping to walk soon, backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld said Thursday afternoon. Hes really tough. Hes continuing to just up the game.

Wentz, who threw 33 touchdown passes and seven interceptions in 13 games before the injury, hasnt talked since the devastating blow. He doesnt want to take away from his teammates and is intent on focusing on his rehab.

But hes hardly detached. The moment Wentz was able to protect himself and not be in harms way, he was on the sideline with his teammates. With one crutch in tow, Wentz wore a headset and stood next to Sudfeld on the sideline of Saturdays 15-10 playoff win over the Atlanta Falcons.

It was as if Wentz and Nick Foles seamlessly switched roles, according to Sudfeld. Wentz and Sudfeld heard the playcalls and broke it down from there.

We stand next to each other on the sideline, Oh, what is he going to do here? OK, the safety is coming down. Check this, Sudfeld explained of their conversations. Its just like how Nick and I were when Carson was out there. Its the two of you on the sideline talking through it.

While Wentz has been careful not to step on any toes -- he knows hes not a coach -- he is there for support. He willingly answers questions from Foles or Sudfeld without hesitation.

Foles, who inherited the starting job when Wentz was injured, said he's using his injured teammate as an in-game asset. Wentz was providing tidbits throughout the divisional-round playoff victory.


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