Referee rage: Official lashes out at player in French game

From FOX Sports - January 14, 2018

PARIS (AP)Call it referee rage.

French official Tony Chapron kicked out in retribution at Nantes defender Diego Carlos during a league game on Sunday, and then promptly showed Carlos a red card.

The bizarre incident happened moments from the end of Paris Saint-Germains 1-0 win at Nantes.

Carlos was running behind Chapron near the halfway line, and trying to catch up with play, when he inadvertently clipped the referees heels.

Bad move.

Chapron rolled forward onto the turf and then, a split-second after tumbling, swiped his right leg at Carloslike a player would do when making a cynical foul on an opponent.

He caught Carlos below the knee, around the shin area, prompting the 24-year-old Brazilian to shrug his shoulders in bewilderment.

Not finished yet, Chapron got up and showed Carlos a second yellow card.

Television cameras capturing the incident showed Nantes president Waldemar Kita, who burst out laughing at the dismissal.

Its a joke, Kita said after the game. What do you want me to say? If I say too much I will be summoned.

Honestly, the whole of Europe is laughing here, Kita added. The player is on the receiving end and its him who gets a (red) card. Theres a problem here.


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