Jets can jump-start free agency effort by re-signing these three

From ESPN - January 14, 2018

A look at what's happening around the New York Jets:

1. Money talk: The Jets have 15 unrestricted free agents. Naturally, they ca not keep them all -- why would they want to? -- but they hope to re-sign a few. They have prioritized their targets and, from what I understand, their top three are cornerback Morris Claiborne, linebacker Demario Davis and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, likely in that order.

They have begin preliminary talks with all three, with Newsday reporting that Seferian-Jenkins rejected a two-year, $8 million offer. The Jets believe Jordan Leggett can develop into a pass-catching tight end in the Seferian-Jenkins mold, but that's a stretch at this point because Leggett has not played a down. Presumably, they will sweeten their offer to Seferian-Jenkins.

It's the same situation with Claiborne. They have some young corners (Derrick Jones and Jeremy Clark), but they are not close to being ready. In Davis' case, they have no heir apparent at middle linebacker.

All three players will generate fairly significant interest on the open market, so the Jets will try to get them locked up before the start of free agency (March 14).

2. Holding pattern? If Todd Bowles is planning to make a run at Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, he will have to wait at least another week because the Eagles advanced to the NFC Championship Game.

John Morton remains the Jets offensive coordinator, but there have been rumblings about his job since the season ended. Some players were not happy with his playcalling, and there's a sense in league circles that Bowles might go in another direction if the right guy shakes free.

Bowles tried to hire DeFilippo last year for the vacant position, but the Eagles would not grant permission. This time, that wo not be an issue because DeFilippo's contract is expiring. Thing is, he could be courted by other teams, so there's no guarantee the Jets would get him.

3. Generation gap: The Jets visit the Chicago Bears next season, and one of the storylines is sure to make Bowles feel ... well, old.

The Bears' new coach is Matt Nagy, whose father, Bill, was Bowles' high-school coach in Elizabeth, New Jersey. How's that for a small world? Matt was a two-year-old spectator when Elizabeth, led by Bowles, played for the state championship in 1980 at Giants Stadium.

Bowles, 54, and Nagy, 39, have kept in touch over the years. In fact, Nagy was on Bowles' radar last offseason when he was searching for an offensive coordinator.

4. Will Bruce rock Jersey? The Twitterverse got excited when I quoted a line from Peter King's Q & A with former Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who told the Monday Morning Quarterback he might spend time this summer in the Jets' training camp. He did not give any details, fueling speculation he might become a consultant of some sort. Arians is known as a quarterback whisperer, and we all know the Jets have quarterbacks who could use some whispering.

From what I understand, Arians would not be there in an official capacity. Oh, sure, he might talk ball with the coaches and players, but it would be more social than anything else. He has a standing invitation from Bowles, who told Arians that he'd be welcome to visit camp whenever he retires. The two men have known each other for more than 30 years and have remained close.


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