Ex-Fins assistant: Leaked video 'what I needed'

From ESPN - January 11, 2018

Former Miami Dolphins assistant Chris Foerster told that he hopes to coach again after completing rehab and that the release of the video showing him using cocaine was what he needed to clean up his life.

Foerster resigned as the Dolphins' offensive line coach in October, after the video surfaced.

He entered rehab on Oct. 9, the same day of his resignation, and completed the 60-day program for drug and alcohol addiction on Dec. 8. Besides his problems with cocaine, Foerster told that he had abused alcohol for nearly 30 years.

He is now in a sober-living facility as part of a 24-day outpatient treatment program. He is subjected to drug tests twice a week.

He told that the video was filmed during a stretch when he had used cocaine for eight or nine straight days. The video was leaked by Kijuana Nige, who said she released it to expose racial inequality in America. Foerster said he met Nige in California when the Dolphins were relocated by Hurricane Irma.


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