Football Association adopts 'Rooney Rule' as Martin Glenn outlines 2018 plans

From BBC - January 9, 2018

The Football Association will interview at least one applicant from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background for future roles in the England set-up.

English football's governing body will adopt its own version of the 'Rooney Rule' implemented in the NFL in 2003.

Chief executive Martin Glenn said the move showed the "FA is for all".

"What it will say is the opportunity to have a career beyond playing is something that the FA is serious about promoting," Glenn told BBC Sport.

"The FA wants to become a more inclusive organisation where the workforce more represents the people who play football today."

The move will apply to jobs across England teams but BAME applicants will still need to show they meet the relevant recruitment criteria.

English Football League clubs agreed to introduce their own version of the 'Rooney Rule' from 1 January but the same measure has been applied to roles in their academies since June.

Research conducted in November showed 22 of 482 roles across England's top-four leagues were filled by coaches from BAME backgrounds.

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