Pros and cons of all known Giants coaching candidates

From ESPN - January 8, 2018

It is Week 2 of the New York Giants coaching search. They interviewed Steve Spagnuolo in New Jersey, Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia in New England and Pat Shurmur in Minnesota in the first week.

The initial list of candidates is clear, even though there is an outside possibility of an unknown bigger name entering the mix late. But right now there are seven candidates (not including others and the longest of longshots: Bill Belichick).

A look at the pros and cons of each:

Josh McDaniels, New England Patriots offensive coordinator

Pros: "Just look at his resume," said running back Shane Vereen, who played under him in New England. McDaniels has been part of five Super Bowl teams. He's known to be innovative and creative. Despite struggling in his first go-around as a head coach in Denver, it appears McDaniels has made a concerted effort to learn from his failures. In September of 2016, Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report profiled McDaniels and detailed the Excel file on his laptop titled "lessonslearned.xls." There is a belief McDaniels can be one of these coaches that has more success the second time around. McDaniels also would be ideal to mentor and grow with a young quarterback. "He will be awesome," one former player said.

Cons: There is a possibility McDaniels' personality and leadership ability may better suit him as a coordinator. It is also hardly a guarantee if the Giants want McDaniels, he would want the job. He has been waiting patiently for the right opportunity to make the jump out of New England. League sources do not believe that the Giants are his No. 1 choice. Maybe that stamp of approval for the Giants everyone expects from Belichick is not there.

Matt Patricia, Patriots defensive coordinator

Pros: He is brilliant and successful. Patricia is working magic these days with a defense that is not loaded with talent and started the season poorly. He's known as the smartest guy in the room (he's an aeronautical engineer by trade) and has strong relationships with players. Patricia also brings a think outside-the-box approach.

Cons: With former Patriots executive Bob Quinn in Detroit it appears that is Patricia's likely landing spot. He seems likely to turn down the Giants even if offered the job. There have also been some rumblings about Patricia's interviews last year going poorly. Matt will struggle as a head coach," one former player said. "Defensive guys there really lean on Bill." It's not as if Belichick's underlings have much success as head coaches.

Pat Shurmur, Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator

Pros: His work with quarterbacks (Case Keenum, Sam Bradford, Nick Foles) is well documented. Shurmur could grow and shape the No. 2 overall pick with the Giants. He has the experience as a coordinator and head coach that owner John Mara deemed necessary. In retrospect, Shurmur's nine wins in two seasons as the Cleveland Browns coach may have been great working in those conditions. It is also believed Shurmur would be able to put together perhaps the strongest staff of any candidate.

Cons: Shurmur's public demeanor is not all that much different from Ben McAdoo. He's not exactly known as Mr. Personality. He could be overmatched handling the pressure of New York.


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