Joe Flacco: It was Ravens' fault for last-play blunder in Pittsburgh

From ESPN - December 11, 2017

PITTSBURGH -- The Baltimore Ravens ended the 39-38 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers with some of their offensive players holding their arms in the air.

It was a strange ending as the final eight seconds ticked off the clock while the Ravens stood in a huddle. Baltimore needed 18 more yards to get in range for a 60-yard field goal attempt for Justin Tucker, who was hitting from that distance in pregame warm-ups.

The Ravens never got another chance for a long completion to the sideline to set up Tucker because of an obscure rule. Joe Flacco and basically everyone else on the field thought the clock had stopped after the quarterback was stripped by T.J. Watt and the fumble went out of bounds.

But the officials re-started the clock and the last seconds ran off with the Ravens offense not lined up.

"We did not have any awareness that was happening," Flacco said. "It's our fault."

The rule, in part, reads:


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