Want to make Alfred Morris happy? Try Banana Nut Cheerios

From ESPN - December 7, 2017

FRISCO, TexasTo say Alfred Morris was happy is a massive understatement. He was so happy he put a video of him dancing on Twitter.

No, we arent talking about his 27-carry, 127-yard, one-touchdown effort in the Dallas Cowboys win last week against his former team, the Washington Redskins, although that was extremely pleasing.

What made Morris so happy was finding Banana Nut Cheerios back in his grocery store.

I saw a lot of people complaining online a while ago when they were trying to find the cereal, Oh, no, they took out Banana Nut Cheerios, Morris said. I was like, This is some bull. They took the best Cheerios away, but when they brought it back I was genuinely excited.

I just want to publically thank @GeneralMills for bringing back the BEST Cheerios ever!! #banananut #noshame

Alfred Morris (@FredoSauce) December 5, 2017

That has to be the happiest dance we have ever seen - we are so excited your a fan! We'd love to help you stock the cereal cabinet.Can you send us a DM?


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