Skip on Kevin Durant: 'He reinforced what he proved in the NBA Finals... that he's better than LeBron James'

From FOX Sports - December 7, 2017

- So back to what happened last night. Kevin Durant did make a statement last night. Because all the buildup to the game was, oh, it's going to be interesting. Kevin missed time last year, and Steph and company they just went right-- in fact, I was making the case that they looked even a little better than they looked with Kevin in the lineup, with Steph. So here, roles reversed, and all of a sudden, tables turned. Kevin, can you take over and lead this team the way Steph has done without you in the lineup? And guess what he did?

SHANNON SHARPE: What'd he do?

- He did not prove just last night that he's more valuable than Steph Curry is to this team. He reinforced what he proved in the NBA finals to you and the rest of the world--


- --and that's that he's better than LeBron James.


SKIP BAYLESS: And you know what's funny? Joy, he made the case that he's better than LeBron James. Did you hear all the numbers he threw out? And they were all pro-Kevin, anti-LeBron numbers.


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