Gudas handed 10-game ban for Perreault slash

From ESPN - November 19, 2017

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gudas has been suspended for 10 games without pay for a slash across the neck of Winnipeg Jets forward Mathieu Perreault on Nov. 16, the NHL announced on Sunday night.

After a battle near the puck, Gudas tripped Perreault to the ice. He raised his stick in the air and brought it down on the Jets player's neck while he was down on the ice. Gudas was assessed a major penalty and game misconduct for slashing. Perreault escaped significant injury, telling reporters after the game that Gudas got him in "the meaty part" of his neck.

"This is a forceful chopping motion delivered to a player in a vulnerable position," ruled the NHL's department of player safety in an explanatory video.

Gudas told the NHL that the slash was not intentional, although he did acknowledge that he was aware of Perreault's presence. But even then, the reckless nature of the play was enough for supplemental discipline, according to the league. "All parties involved agreed that the stick movement was reckless and done with substantial force," said the NHL.


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