No Irish dancing: Alex Collins owns longest TD drought this season

From ESPN - November 15, 2017

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- When Alex Collins scores a touchdown, the expectation is for the Baltimore Ravens running back to perform one of his Irish dances.

The wait for such a celebration has gone on ... and on ... and on.

Collins owns the longest touchdown drought in the NFL this season, going 96 touches without reaching the end zone. There have been 49 players this season to total 72 or more touches, and Collins is the only one without a touchdown.

One of the biggest surprises of the year for the Ravens, Collins worked himself up from practice squad player to starter in a few weeks. His violent running style and elusiveness has helped him average 5.6 yards per carry, which ranks second among running backs.

While this touchdown drought falls on Collins' shoulders, the blame has to be shared by the team and its offensive decision-makers. They have shockingly shied away from Collins in the red zone. Baltimore preferred to hand the ball off to Terrance West earlier this season and then gave it to Buck Allen after West suffered a calf injury.

Allen has had his hand on the ball for nearly half of the red zone snaps. He has 22 touches on 56 plays, scoring three times.

Collins, meanwhile, has been the forgotten man inside the 20-yard line. He has a total of four snaps in the red zone despite being the most physical back in the Ravens' backfield.


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