Towns' wish: Allow medicinal marijuana in NBA

From ESPN - November 15, 2017

PHOENIX -- Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns believes the NBA should allow the use of medicinal marijuana among its players.

The topic recently came up with the young star during a wide-ranging Q&A with ESPN. In it, Towns was asked what one change he would make if he were commissioner Adam Silver.

"I agree with David Stern with marijuana," Towns told ESPN. "You do not have to actually make it 'Mary J' [or] 'Half Baked.' You do not have to do it like that, but you could use the [chemical] properties in it to make a lot of people better.

"That's something that Adam Silver has to do, that's out of my control, but maybe legalizing marijuana. Not fully legal where people are chimneys but using [marijuana] as a beneficial factor as an athlete, as a person living daily."

Towns' comments echoed those of former NBA commissioner David Stern, who recently told former NBA player and marijuana entrepreneur and advocate Al Harrington during a documentary on Uninterrupted that he would remove marijuana from the banned substance list.

For Towns, the topic of medicinal marijuana is personal. His girlfriend's nephew is autistic, and he has seen first-hand how some of the new treatments involving properties from marijuana have helped the young boy and his family deal with the condition.

"I have seen nothing but benefits for him," Towns said. "And I am very happy that he finds comfort. He finds that normalcy every day. Just like a father, a mother, a parent with a child, you'd do anything for your child."

"These guys, just because we are NBA athletes, we are not super humans. Some of us have conditions that could use [medical marijuana] to our benefit for everyday living, just taking care of our kids and our families."

Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves


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