Yanks' final Jeter scouting report goes to auction

From ESPN - November 14, 2017

The final Yankees scouting report of a high school player named Derek Jeter has hit the auction block.

The report, written by scout Dick Groch in April 1992 on the high school senior from Kalamazoo, Michigan, is being auctioned by Heritage Auctions. The initial bidding started Tuesday at $12,500.

"This could go for $40,000, $140,000 or more than $240,000," Chris Ivy of Heritage Auctions said. "It's just a one-of-kind item like when we sold Curt Schilling's bloody sock [for $92,613] or the bat shard Roger Clemens threw at Mike Piazza [in the 2000 World Series for $47,800]."

There is not much precedent regarding the sale of scouting reports, as not many have hit the market -- certainly none as important as the Jeter document.

"Part of its value comes from the fact that it's obviously the Yankees report," Ivy said. "But it's also because what the scout wrote and how excited he clearly was."

In it, under the "summation and signability" section, Groch wrote "'A Yankee'! A five-tool player. Will be a ML All-Star! +5!!"


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