Ben McAdoo: 'The desire to finish' is the problem for Giants

From ESPN - November 14, 2017

The film does not lie. It never does. It shows everything that is put out on the field -- good or bad -- and remains available forever.

What the New York Giants put on tape defensively on Sunday (and actually each of the past two weeks) has been ugly. They have allowed 82 points to the Rams and 49ers. The 31 points allowed to the 49ers and rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard prompted Giants coach Ben McAdoo to voice some of his displeasure with what his defense has put on film.

"The thing that was disappointing that showed up on film is the desire to finish on a consistent basis," McAdoo said during the opening statement of his Monday conference call.

He later added:

"It's something that in [Sunday's] game, it's fresh in my head watching the ballgame. It's not one player and it's not on all plays. It's something that almost looks like at times we are waiting for someone else to make a play instead of just pulling the trigger and making the play ourselves."

McAdoo was conscious to not put the blame publicly on any one specific player. He said in his opening that he was not going to throw anybody under the bus. McAdoo even seemed to take offense to a reporter using the phrase "lack of effort" and making the assumption he regretted being unable to go back in time and take those players off the field. Instead, Mcadoo opted to continue with the phrase "desire to finish on a consistent basis."

Whatever he wants to call it, the most obvious offender was likely cornerback Janoris Jenkins. He failed to engage on several tackles throughout Sundays 31-21 loss to the San Francisco, including on tight end Garrett Celeks 47-yard touchdown reception late in the second quarter. There were also two plays on which Jenkins barely touched the ball carrier in his area.

The Pro Bowl cornerback did not put his best game on film. Not even close. He also was beat for an 83-yard touchdown by speedy wide receiver


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