Ahmed Musa makes another foxy business decision

Ahmed Musa makes another foxy business decision
From ESPN - October 13, 2017

Leicester City forward Ahmed Musa may be finding it tough to make a headway with the Foxes, but the Nigeria striker appears to be making great strides elsewhere: in business.

Straight after leaving camp this week, in the wake of the Super Eagles sealing qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Musa headed off to his home in the northern Nigerian city of Kano. It was not a social visit, at least not completely.

Musa was in Kano to formally open his petrol station, one of a growing number of business concerns the 24-year-old is gradually building as he looks to invest wisely for his future.

This follows the opening of a N500m ($1.4 million) sports complex and leisure centre, also in Kano, earlier this year. He also opened a mini shopping mall a few years ago. These are ventures which, in a cash-based economy like Nigeria, are guaranteed milking cows, especially the petrol station.

An oil-producing country, Nigeria's downstream sector is a particularly lucrative business enterprise, and if well-managed and scaled, could well see the player earn more than he does playing football.

Musa told KwesESPN he was looking to the future: "It is important to think about life after football.

"We will not play forever, and the best time to start thinking about that and doing something about it is when you are still playing."

There is an almost identical pattern to the career trajectory of the majority of top African football players. It usually starts from being poor, to struggling beginners, then the big European break, earning unbelievable sums of money and living the high life. Retirement eventually follows, and with it comes a drop in earnings, and lifestyle.


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