Caldwell signs multiyear extension with Lions

From ESPN - September 23, 2017

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell has signed a multiyear contract extension with the team. The deal was struck months ago, the Lions said.

Caldwell, 62, had been in the final year of his contract and consistently has had to answer questions about whether he will return in 2018. Those questions included speculation about retirement and whether he felt he should be coaching on a lame-duck deal.

Turns out he never was leaving.

"I do not worry about those kinds of things," Caldwell said earlier in September, when he was asked about an extension. "I do not think twice about them. They do not concern me. I have one mission: to take care of my men and to win football games. ... That's the truth.

"So it may be great to ask those questions, which is fine. I am going to answer them the exact same way if you ask them now or six weeks from now. It's going to be exactly the same way. It does not concern me. My concern, like I said, is winning football games."


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