Advantage Hamilton after Singapore chaos

From ESPN - September 17, 2017

ESPN rounds up the main talking points from a chaotic Singapore Grand Prix, one which culminated in Lewis Hamilton extending his championship lead over Sebastian Vettel.

Shock: Rain. For the first time in the Singapore Grand Prix's 10 year history the race began in wet conditions and what an epic start we witnessed. Kimi Raikkonen had made a stunning start from fourth on the grid but was squeezed by Max Verstappen after Sebastian Vettel had drifted across the track to cover off the Dutchman. The trio all made contact which led to Raikkonen and Verstappen immediately retiring from the race. Seconds later, Vettel, with a damaged sidepod, lost control of his Ferrari and was in the barriers to unbelievably leave Lewis Hamilton the leader after a dramatic lap one.

Shocker: It may seem harsh but Vettel has got to claim this one. After pulling a sensational lap out of the bag on Saturday to secure pole, the four-time world champion was in an ideal position to retake the championship lead. But in 10 seconds of dramatic racing he was partly responsible for the opening corner collision and had careered into the barriers, forcing him into retirement. This was the first time Vettel has failed to make it to the checkered flag in Singapore, in fact the first time he finished the race outisde the top five.

Domino effect: Deciding when to switch from intermediate tyres to slicks was always going to be one tricky call. Magnussen was the first to make the change on lap 25 before the Williams pair of Massa and Lance Stroll opted for the same move one lap later. When Massa confirmed over the radio that it was the correct tyre to be on, it started a chain reaction and within three laps the entire field was running on slicks.


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