Philippe Coutinho looks to future at Liverpool after failed Barcelona move

Philippe Coutinho looks to future at Liverpool after failed Barcelona move
From ESPN - September 17, 2017

Philippe Coutinho has told ESPN Brasil that he has "no problems" with anybody at Liverpool despite the club blocking a move to Barcelona.

Coutinho was the subject of three bids from Barcelona and he handed in a transfer request in an attempt to leave Anfield.

The 25-year-old received a warm reception from Liverpool supporters on Saturday afternoon, but he was unable to help the Reds avoid a frustrating 1-1 draw with Burnley.

"The whole world knows what happened," Coutinho said in his first interview since the transfer saga. "From the first moment I played here and in the last game, I was very well received -- like I always have been for the past four or five years.

"The respect I have for them [the fans] and the respect they have for me appears to be maintained. What I need to do is to work hard and to always do my best to help the team.

"I received a job offer, like in life whatever work you do. Sometimes you are interested and sometimes you are not. In this case, like you all know, I was interested. My family too.

"But it's like I always said... it's a great honour to receive an offer for a great club like that. But it's also a great honour to be here. Liverpool is a great club. I am here and I am going to give it my best as always.

"It was a complicated month for me, but like I said I am here now. It's an honour to receive an offer like that, but it's also an honour to be here.


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