Asensio joins Higuain, Banega and Mexes in football's strangest injuries

Asensio joins Higuain, Banega and Mexes in football's strangest injuries
From ESPN - September 13, 2017

This article has been edited. The original appeared on March 28, 2014.

The Toe Poke was taken aback to find outthe reason why Marco Asensio wo not play for Real Madridin the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Madrid's latest sensation has a pimple that prevents him from pulling up his socks!

And it got us thinking about the other weird injuries footballers have suffered down the years. We have deliberately attempted to avoid retreading over the same old yarns (Richard Wright falling out of his loft; Darren Barnard slipping on puppy urine; Dave Beasant dropping the salad cream; Santiago Canizares missing the 2002 World Cup after dropping aftershave on his foot; Svein Grondalenbeing head-butted into a ditch by a moose ...) in favour of some examples you may not be so familiar with.

10. Adil Rami

While playing for Valencia in 2013, Rami incurred the wrath of the club's fans after ruling himself out of a league game against Espanyol by aggravating an existing foot injury while dancing to "Gangnam Style" at a charity concert.

While throwing some shapes up on the stage, the French defender apparently burst several blisters on his feet that subsequently became infected with a chronic case of disco fever.

9.Michel Jansen

FC Twente manager Jansen was left requiring emergency dentistry after his assistant, Youri Mulder, got a little overexcited while celebrating a goal against Ajax in October 2013 and instead of merely punching the air in celebration,accidentally caught his superior with a swift right hook.

The punch was so forceful that it dislodged one of Jansen's front teeth, sending it out of his mouth and into the middle of the technical area.

8.Juan Obelar

Former Penarol goalkeeper Obelar was on the brink of making his comeback following a self-imposed six-month hiatus from the game when he accidentally lopped off four of his digits while attempting a spot of DIY at home.

"I was doing a few things for my house, putting wood through a plane, and the next thing I know the machine ripped off four fingers,"Obelar said.

Suddenly finding his potential new employers had precious little use for a goalkeeper with just a thumb on his right hand, Obelar unsurprisingly had to nix his big comeback and instead retired from the game in November 2013 at age 34.

7.Sascha Bender

Bender, while playing for Stuttgart Kickers in the German second tier, suffered a nasty facial contusion after being punched in the face during a game by teammate Christian Okpala, who explained his violent outburst after the game: "He provoked me by farting all the time."

6. Alan Knill

Former Scunthorpe manager Knill was left traumatised after surviving a potentially devastating collision with a rogue squirrel back in 2012.

As Knill was moving along on his bicycle, the squirrel darted into his path and got caught in his wheel, sending him up and over the top of his handlebars before he landed on his neck.

Thankfully, however, Knill suffered nothing more serious than a few cuts and bruises.

When Knill returned to Scunthorpe as manager of Torquay the following season, his former club were forced to insist that their supporters refrain from dressing up as squirrelsin a bid to avoid any unsightly flashback episodes in the away dugout.


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