Inside look at Christian Hackenberg's debut: a short story

From ESPN - August 13, 2017

There were no "wow" moments and there were no scoring drives, but Christian Hackenberg showed enough Saturday night to make you want to see more. The young quarterback passed his first test in West Coast Offense 101 and, presumably, he will see extensive action in the second preseason game as the "Summer of Hack" continues.

"I think, overall, it felt good," Hackenberg said after the New York Jets' 7-3 win over the Tennessee Titans. "Felt good to play."

It was his first game action in 346 days, dating back to his nightmarish outing in the 2016 preseason finale. Trying to build his confidence, the coaching staff kept it as simple as possible for Hackenberg, who attempted only three passes that traveled more than 10 yards in the air -- all incomplete. Essentially, they set up a pitch-and-catch game, allowing the second-year quarterback to complete safe throws and build rhythm.

Check out the breakdown of his pass distances, based on our breakdown of the tape:

Throws to or behind the line of scrimmage: He was 6-for-6.

Throws in the 1- to 5-yard range: He was 8-for-10.

Throws in the 6- to 10-yard range: He was 4-for-5.

Throws in the 11-plus range: He was 0-for-3.

Hackenberg also had one ball batted at the line of scrimmage, making it an 18-for-25 night, 127 yards, with no interceptions and one sack (not his fault). Two of the incompletions were dropped passes.


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