Lions have potential draft steal in rookie WR Kenny Golladay

From ESPN - August 13, 2017

Kenny Golladay leapt in the air, took almost a seated motion and got hit in the head. Didnt matter an Indianapolis Colts defender was close on top of him or that the degree-of-difficulty was going to be extremely high.

Golladay kept his eyes focused on the pass from backup quarterback Jake Rudock. He watched the ball fall into his left hand and then, one-handed, pulled it into his body to secure a catch. Yes, its only a preseason game against a team that had porous pass defense last season, but for the Lions, they have to be pleased with what they saw.

Since his first OTA practice, Golladay has been making impressive catches by the day, using his frame and his wide catching radius to become a wide target for any quarterback throwing him the ball. The question always was, though, whether that would continue when games started.

He's coming along all during the preseason," Lions coach Jim Caldwell told FOX2 at halftime of the Lions-Colts game. "Playing pretty well. Made some nice catches, some pretty tough catches that were behind him. He's getting better."

Yes, the majority of Golladays work came against Indianapolis Colts reserves Sunday in the preseason opener. But the Lions have to be happy with what theyve seen so far. Theres a chance the expectations after his first game will skyrocket -- its probably already happening as you read this -- and there will be some difficult learning days ahead as there are for all rookies.

But the skills, the talent, they all translated in a three-catch, 53-yard, two touchdown first-half performance against Indianapolis. He also showed red-zone prowess -- an area hes been looked at early as a potential contributor. So far, that seems realistic. It showed early with the tough touchdown catch, a 23-yarder from Rudock that showed everything he did during practices when games that dont count in the standings started to be played.

He makes the difficult look easy. He runs with a smooth stride that appears effortless. He rarely drops the ball but handles the hard catches like hes still in warm-ups. And if there was any question about Golladays play Sunday, he added a second touchdown catch in the first half -- a 15-yarder from Rudock where he adjusted on the Colts cornerback to catch the ball just in front of the end zone and then score.


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