Farah says media want to 'destroy' legacy - watch & read

From BBC - August 13, 2017

Mo Farah has accused sections of the media of trying to "destroy" his legacy over his relationship with his coach Alberto Salazar.

The Briton has worked with the American since 2011, winning four Olympic gold medals and six world titles.

Salazar is under investigation by the US Anti-Doping Agency. Both he and Farah deny they have ever broken anti-doping rules.

"So many times, you guys have been unfair to me," said Farah.

"The fact is I have achieved what I have from hard work. Putting my balls on the line, year after year and delivering for my country.

"Sometimes I find it bizarre how certain people write certain things to suit how they want to sell the story."

The 34-year-old took silver in the 5,000m at the World Championships in London on Saturday to add to the 10,000m gold he had already won at the London event.


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