Gerard Pique says he 'knew' Neymar would leave when he posted 'He stays'

Gerard Pique says he 'knew' Neymar would leave when he posted 'He stays'
From ESPN - August 12, 2017

Barcelona's Gerard Pique says he knew "100 percent" that Neymar would leave the club when he posted a now-infamous photo with his then-teammate saying "He stays."

With the Brazilian staying silent about his transfer plans before his record move to Paris Saint-Germain Pique took a photo with him and posted it online on July 23 with the cryptic caption of "Se queda," meaning "He stays."

As he was introduced at PSG, Neymar said he had asked Pique not to post it, but that the two remained friends, and Pique revealed on Saturday that he knew all along that Neymar would leave Barcelona.

"I do not feel tricked by Neymar. The day I said 'he stays' I knew that he was going 100 percent. It was the final shot," Pique told reporters on the eve of Barcelona's Spanish Super Cup first leg against Real Madrid.

"He got angry with me, but we worked it out. I did it to use my social networks to help this club to keep a player who has a unique talent. It was difficult but I tried to help my club."

Neymar played for Barcelona throughout their preseason tour to the United States, a fact that Pique said should be remembered by those who would criticise him.

"He has not disappointed me, there are several ways to leave, some go on strike and Ney fought for the shirt to the last second," Pique said.

"We live in a world where people are sad and like to criticise a lot. Social media is the biggest example -- the whole world expresses anger and sadness, the best example is how they criticise Ney, his dad and his friends.

"Here, everyone is judging them but if they have a salary or a commission it's for something. Because they do something and the club accepts it."

Gerard Piqu (@3gerardpique) July 23, 2017


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