Four throws by DeShone Kizer that show off the quarterback's ability

From ESPN - August 12, 2017

Rookie quarterback Deshone Kizer's deep throws were easy to notice in the Cleveland Browns' 20-14 preseason win over the New Orleans Saints on Thursday.

First came the 45-yard completion to Richard Mullaney on an out-and-up, then the game-winning 52-yard throw to Jordan Payton on fourth down.

Those two throws were big-time big plays that showed Kizer's arm strength.

However, there were four other throws that showed his quarterbacking ability that got far less notice. One was an incompletion, but on each, Kizer showed the talent coach Hue Jackson has talked about since Kizer was drafted in the second round. All the throws were part of a highlight video put together by of every one of Kizer's passes in his first preseason game.

The first was the play before the touchdown, a third-and-24 that for years in Cleveland has been like a third-and-324. New Orleans rushed four and dropped seven -- with a picket fence at the first-down line.

Kizer dropped back and gave a shoulder fake to running back Isaiah Crowell running a short route outside. For reasons unknown, linebacker Adam Bighill took a step toward Crowell. That was all Kizer needed. He reset and fired a pass to Ranell Hall running deep a few yards short of the first-down line. Hall caught the ball in the middle of four defenders for a 22-yard gain.

Jackson talked about Kizer's poise, which he showed on this play. He did not panic or force the ball, given the distance to gain, but he did have the arm strength to get the ball to the spot it needed to be. This was an NFL throw.


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