Can defense save Jets from weekly blowouts? Well, that depends

From ESPN - August 12, 2017

This is the game-day version of the New York Jets mailbag, which features a big-picture question about the defense:

#jetsmail Rich, you have been at camp for years, can the defense keep them in games this year or are we looking at regular blowouts?

John (@JPWaxer) August 11, 2017

@RichCimini: The best way to answer that is like this: It depends on the opponent.

As you know, the Jets defense is front-heavy, meaning the strength is on the line. Because of that, they will do well against run-oriented teams such as the Buffalo Bills (LeSean McCoy), Jacksonville Jaguars (Leonard Fournette) and a few other opponents later in the schedule. If the game is decided in the trenches, yes, the Jets have enough on defense to keep them in it.


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