Martavis Bryant, Steelers to 'put our foot on the gas' in camp

From ESPN - August 12, 2017

The Pittsburgh Steelers made their preseason debut with a 20-12 road win over the New York Giants on Friday night, but the return of wide receiver Martavis Bryant might be just as anticipated.

Bryant, reinstated for preseason work Wednesday, sat out of the game as expected. But he participated in Thursday's closed practice session, and he will be flying down the sideline during Sunday's open practice at St. Vincent College.

"We are going to put our foot on the gas and proceed," said coach Mike Tomlin to KDKA-TV at halftime of the Giants game. "He's physically ready. We have gotten the go-ahead from New York [NFL office]. We got him in a stringent workout and warm-up tonight. We did not deem it was appropriate because of lack of prep to play in this game. He will start like the rest of them when we get back to Latrobe and continue with development."


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