Cardinals say 'Rally Cat' found by rescue group

From ESPN - August 11, 2017

The St. Louis Cardinals' "Rally Cat" has been found, safe and sound, the team said Friday.

The stray feline became a part of Cardinals lore Wednesday night, walking across the field just before Yadier Molina blasted a game-winning grand slam against the Kansas City Royals.

The cat had an adventurous 24 hours. Just before the homer, it was retrieved by a groundskeeper, who bore the scars, scratches and bites of the chase. Then it disappeared in the arms of a fan who claimed it was hers. Afterward, the cat went missing in a St. Louis park called Citygarden.

It was captured Thursday night by a group that rescues feral cats, then taken to the vet Friday afternoon where it was identified as the Cardinals' Rally Cat.

The Cardinals tweeted the cat's photo on Friday, with the hashtag #RallyCat.


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