Curtis Samuel: Mom 'just wanted to be a part of it' when she dropped him at camp

From ESPN - August 11, 2017

SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- Carolina Panthers second-round draft pick Curtis Samuel still cant believe all the attention he got because his mother drove him to training camp.

"I did not think nobody seen it," he said on Friday when recalling the July 25 moment his mother dropped him off in the family car. "But when then I looked on [social media] I went, 'Wow. They actually caught it.'

"I guess nothing slips through y'all."

The moment was unusual on a day when enough players arrived in fancy cars and trucks that and other news outlets did a story on it.

A Charlotte radio station interviewed Samuel's mother, Nicole Samuel, who drove the car home.

"My mom, she's always there for me," said Samuel, who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. "She's been there for me through the whole way, Little League, high school and college. She's happy for me, and she just wanted to be a part of it."


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