Cowboys WR says dog stolen, held for ransom

From ESPN - July 17, 2017

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead said Monday that his dog, Blitz, was stolen from him and is being held for ransom money.

Whitehead first broke the news that his dog was stolen in an Instagram post and then talked more about the crime in an interview with KXAS-TV in Dallas.

Whitehead, who was in Florida when the dog was stolen along with a couple of pairs of shoes and some bags, said initially that the unknown robbers demanded $10,000 for the return of his dog.

He said the man calling from the unknown phone number asked: "How much is the dog mean to you?" and said if he wanted his dog returned, "you got to cut a check." Whitehead said at first he was not sure if the situation were a "sick joke."

He said he refused to write a check for $10,000 but agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of cash for the dog after first making sure the dog is OK. He has not heard back since.

Whitehead said he contacted detectives but was told the calls and texts could not be traced because they came from a "burner phone."

"It's killing me. It hurts because I do not know how he's being treated. I was not here to protect him. It's sickening."

Lucky Whitehead


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