Hamilton apologies to waiting Finns after crowd surf

From ESPN - July 17, 2017

Ever had that moment when you are waiting next to someone but are not in a particularly chatty mood?

Valtteri Bottas and Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen were forced to show their patient sides while British Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton continued his celebrations by crowd-surfing with his home fans after Sunday's race.

While the Briton lapped up the support and crowd-surfed on a sea of fans, Mercedes teammate Bottas and Raikkonen were left waiting for him in the drivers' post-race press conference. The Finnish duo, not known for their social skills, twiddled their thumbs and hopefully glanced around the room, praying Hamilton would arrive and spare them from the awkward nightmare surrounding them.

While Lewis crowd surfs, two Finns wait patiently...


Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017

But when you have hundreds of adoring fans screaming your name and demanding attention, some things just have to wait. After dominating on track in his Mercedes W08 at Silverstone, Hamilton then took to the track by foot as he greeted some of his supporters under the podium on the main straight and milked the applause for all its worth.


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