Iverson doesn't play in Philly Big3 homecoming

From ESPN - July 16, 2017

PHILADELPHIA -- Allen Iverson walked onto a familiar court to a rousing ovation and then took an unfamiliar spot on the sideline.

The Answer was Coach AI in his Big3 homecoming.

Iverson said a few hours before his team played against Dr. J's squad that his doctor advised him not to play Sunday night for unspecified reasons.

So, he assumed his role as coach of 3's Company in Ice Cube's 3-on-3 league. That did not stop fans from chanting: "We want AI!"

"I am glad I had a chance to come back home," Iverson told the crowd after introductions. "Ai not nothing like this relationship we have. I love you for supporting me throughout my career and still today you are still supporting me."

After he walked on the floor, Iverson cupped his ear the way he used to during his days leading the Philadelphia 76ers and implored the crowd to cheer even louder.


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