Pirelli: Ferrari tyre failures unrelated

From ESPN - July 16, 2017

SILVERSTONE -- Pirelli believes the tyre failures on the two Ferraris at the British Grand Prix were different in nature, but has stressed it will not have full details until it completes a full investigation in the coming days.

Even though the failures happened within a lap of each other, both affected the front left tyre and only occurred on the Ferraris, the initial investigation of the tyres points to two different causes. A full investigation is ongoing, but the initial analysis after the race showed the carcass of Raikkonen's tyre remained intact whereas Vettel's tyre was completely deflated and destroyed.

"We are obviously investigating the tyres as usual but more deeply because of what happened," Pirelli racing manager Mario Isola. "We believe, although it has to be proven, that the mode of failure of the two tyres is different, so we need to investigate.

"What we can exclude is that we had any carcass failure on Kimi's tyre because the tyre was still inflated. There is a part of the tyre that is damaged and we will investigate deeply on all the tyre, not just this tyre.


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